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At our braiding salon in Dallas, TX, we provide professionally installed, high-quality hair weaves and braids for all types of hair types, colors, textures and lengths. Braids can be used to transition hair from relaxed to natural, weaved in to conceal hair loss, or simply to create a new look.

Hair braids come in several different types, with many applications and uses. Some are better suited than others for individuals, but all have their own unique style and beauty. A few popular examples are micro-braids, box braids, kinky-twists, tree braids, and corn rows.

• Micro-braids—This style is quite popular right now and attracts a lot of attention. Micro-braids are tiny hair braids that are usually braided half-way and then the hair is left to flow freely.

• Box Braids—Or individual braids are free-standing braids that are done either with or without extensions. This is the classic three section woven braid.

• The Kinky-Twists—This style of braid is made of two tightly twisted strands that are twisted together to form a dreadlock-like braid.

• Tree-braids—This style consists of small cornrows that run along the hairline from the front of the head to the nape of the neck, weaving in hair extensions to add volume and give a flexible, manageable hairstyle.

• Corn-rows—Narrow rows of closely braided hair that generally run from the front of the head to the base of the scalp and are popular with both men and women's styles.

Before you get braids installed, you always want to make sure you have prepared your hair beforehand. You want to wash and condition your hair as well as detangle it before your appointment, which will result in healthier hair under the braids and a more efficient braid time.

Our Dallas, TX salon has the expertise and experience to offer you professional advice on how to properly care for your hair and address any concerns. Call Nikki's Hair Designs & More salon to make an appointment soon.

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