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Dreads, also known as locks or dreadlocks, are matted coils of hair. Typically dreadlocks are formed intentionally and can be done with methods that encourage the formation of dreadlocks, such as backcombing, twisting, or using a crochet hook to form knots. We are a full service dreading salon in Dallas, TX and work with natural hair to create the dread style you want.

Many people wonder about the length their hair needs to be in order to create dreadlocks. It differs regarding what you are wanting, but ideally at least three inches of your natural hair is needed to dread.

There are three main methods of dreading that you can do in our salon: Natural dread, Dread Perm and Dread Extensions.

• Natural Dread—This is a no chemical method. This method uses backcombing using a specifically designed beeswax product just for dreading hair. This method is best suited for coarse, wavy hair texture and cannot be used for thick straight hair.

• A Dread Perm—This is the ideal solution for individuals with thick, straight hair who want dreadlocks with their own natural hair. It is a perm applied to the hair to create dreads, and there are different ways to create unique, stylish dreads with this style of perm.

• Dread Extension—This is where hair extensions are used to create the dreads for those with short hair, unsuitable hair texture, or just to create a fun style.

Dreads are often viewed as an expression of unique character, style, or just as a different kind of design to do your hair in. Dreads do require special care and treatment to properly form.

To make well-formed dreads call Nikki's Hair Designs & More salon. Also talk to our stylist about care instructions to preserve your investment.

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